You can make a difference.

Since 2009, the Elmwood High School Legacy Fund has been helping students pursue higher education. Your gift, large or small, has the power to help change lives.

Why give?

As friends and supporters of Elmwood High School, we all give for different reasons. We may donate because we recall our own struggles in chasing our dreams, and we understand how difficult it is for today’s students to make ends meet. We may want to commemorate a special event, or donate in memory of someone dear to us.

Whatever your reason for giving, know that your gift goes to support the students of Elmwood High School. Gifts to our bursaries and scholarships maintain and enhance the funds that we can provide to students each year.

  • In 2009, the fund’s inception, we gave three bursaries of $700 each for a total of $2,100
  • In 2023, we gave 10 bursaries of $1,200 each, plus three scholarships, for a total of $16,500

Our fund has grown thanks to the generosity of many who want to help EHS students thrive. With your gift, we can support even more students now and into the future.

The Legacy Fund has helped EHS graduates further their education and has supported projects that have enhanced students’ educational experiences. The efforts of past Elmwood students to support current students is inspirational and greatly appreciated. The vision of the Legacy Fund committee is to be commended.”

Mike Babb, former principal, Elmwood High School

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Learn about the ways to give

Find out about one-time donations, monthly giving, planned giving, and the opportunity to name your own scholarship.
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Learn about the awards

Find an award you can support and view all our student award recipients since 2009.
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Meet our donors

We thank these individuals for their generosity. Donors giving a minimum of $100 have their gift recognized on our donor plaque at the school.
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About The Winnipeg Foundation

The Elmwood High School Legacy Fund is an endowed fund managed by The Winnipeg Foundation. Under their stewardship, the fund will provide monies for student recipients for generations to come.

The Winnipeg Foundation is Canada’s first community foundation, and is committed to connecting donors with opportunities to support causes they care about, as well as identifying and responding to the changing needs of our community.

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